School and Educational Programs

Looking for something different and educational for your classroom? Look no further than Calgary Reptile Parties! Don't worry about buses, parent chaperones and expensive admissions! We bring reptiles, amphibians and arachnids directly to your classroom! Calgary Reptile Parties has received rave reviews teachers and students alike! Reptile Parties presents fun and educational programs to schools, childcare providers, summer camps, and youth groups!

Why Choose Reptile Parties?

Reptiles can be a great way to add a hands on learning experience to a variety of curriculums:

Division I
- Needs of Reptiles & Amphibians. - Small Crawling and Flying Animals.
- Reptile & Amphibian Lifecycles.

Division II
- Reptiles & Amphibians of Alberta - Wetlands

Junior High
- Interactions & Ecosystems - Biological Diversity

High School
- Changes in Living Systems

Other programs
Rainforests - Continent & Country Themes - Reptiles as Pets

Reptile Parties can also customize a program for you. We also offer displays and interactions for school carnivals, assemblys, evening events, end of year parties and more!

We are currently booking programs through the end of the school year.

Here is what a few educators are saying

Jason’s presentation captivated the attention of our students. Their knowledge and love for their pets was overwhelming. They spoke to our students at their level, and in a very respectful manner. I was very impressed with this presentation, and would highly recommend that any classroom teacher that is facilitating learning in this area, contact Jason and book an appointment with him. - Lori Lloyd – teacher, Good Shepherd School

I run a boys and girls club in High River and when I told the kids that we were going to have a reptile party they were thrilled...especially the boys. They couldn't wait for Jason to come. Jason did not disappoint. He brought out a variety of his reptiles varying from snakes to scorpions to lizards. The kids were amazed as he presented each animal. The girls were even fascinated! Jason held the attention of the kids as well as had the wisdom in how to allow the kids to handle the safer reptiles. Jason was very knowledgeable about each reptile and his main message was not lost on the children - research your pet before you dive in! I would recommend Jason for any group. His presentation is fascinating and educational...and only a little bit creepy!!! –Twyla

During our "Creepy Crawlers" month at Green Door Nursery School, we had Jason and his team from Calgary Reptile Parties come in to do a short presentation to our students. The staff were very informative, very professional, and amazing with the children, whose ages ranged from 3 years to 5 years old. Every child spoke excitedly about the reptiles for weeks afterward! We would definitely recommend Calgary Reptile Parties, and we look forward to working with them again. - Tracy Young. Green Door Preschool

If you want to bring in real life experiences to your class and don’t know how....this is an excellent, engaging resource to use. Jason customized the presentation in accordance to what we were learning about (which happened to be the Rainforest). He brought in a variety of Rainforest amphibians and reptiles for the children to see. They were able to touch the baby Tortoise, the baby Turtle, the Iguana, and the large Boa Constrictor. Jason gave background information on each and allowed time for questions at the end of each reptile/amphibian. He was very knowledgeable and prepared for our presentation and was able to present it at a Grade One level. I would highly recommend this resource to any teacher in the CBE. - Candice Rauser - Penbrooke Meadows Elementary

A highlight for the Open Minds students was Jason Clevett’s Reptile presentation. Students were able to observe and touch a variety of reptiles and learn about their habitats and how they evolved over the years. Finnegan the Iguana was fascinating as he would interact with the students by nodding his head. A student teacher who was initially mortified of snakes (even pictures) was eventually able to touch a snake at the end of the presentation. She was so proud of herself. - Donna Kipta – Open Minds Coordinator – TELUS Spark

The children and I really enjoyed your presentation. I am sure there will be lots to talk about tomorrow at school. I like the selection of animals you brought, the facts you shared and the vocabulary you chose to use with this age group. Your manner with this age group was very patient and very appropriate. Not everyone is able to be successful with this age group. Thanks again I hope you enjoyed coming to our class. - Carolyn, Calgary Preschool Teacher

This has been the second presentation with Jason from Reptile parties and our experience was wonderful. He was very informative about each of the reptiles and my students learned a lot about each reptile. They were even eager to write about their favourite reptile when we returned to class and retained the information that was taught. Jason was friendly and professional in our school environment and we look forward to having him return in the near future. If you are looking for a well knowledgeable reptile expert, Jason is your guy. Christina Ellahib - Highwood school

I have had Jason Clevett from Calgary Reptile Parties do an in-class presentation for our grade three classes for the past several years. Mr. Clevett’s presentation is a much anticipated part of our “Animal Lifecycles” science unit. Mr. Clevett is a seasoned presenter who knows how to present effectively and enthusiastically to a younger audience. His tone is gentle, yet authoritative. Students are encouraged to share their knowledge and ask meaningful, on task questions. Jason is clearly excited about reptiles, amphibians and arachnids and his enthusiasm is contagious. He is knowledgeable about all of the creatures he cares for and makes it very clear that choosing and caring for any type of pet (especially exotic animals) requires research, careful thought and the dedication to care for that animal for the rest of its life. As a teacher, I was able to make use of the resources designed to accompany the presentation . The worksheets and teaching ideas can be used either before the presentation as an introduction or after the presentation as a follow up with your students. I would highly recommend Calgary Reptile Parties to any teacher who wants to add a hands-on experience for their students. -Christa Delmar, Foundations for the Future Charter Accademy