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Calgary Reptile Parties Daycamp kidsWe loved the daily e-mail. Overall we are extremely happy with the overall value of the camp. Both boys had a great time and wonderful memories. Thanks for all of your work!
- Dana Flanagan

Calgary Reptile Parties Daycamp kidsI would like to say that reptile camp is the best camp I've ever been to.
- Emma

2017 Features The Return of Past Favourites and Some New Themes

We are thrilled to be offering 3 weeks of camps this year at our North and South Locations! Featuring different themes, this will be an unforgettable summer!

Adventures in Adaptation (July)

How do crested geckos stick to walls and trees? How do monitor lizards and iguanas use their long tails? What is the difference between turtles and tortoises? What is special about amphibians skin? These questions and more are answered while we explore how these animals have adapted to live in such varied environments on our planet!

Reptile World Tour (August #1)

Learn the ABC’s of Reptiles and Their Care!

With a few exceptions, reptiles are found around the world. Take a journey to Africa to meet giant tortoises and spikey tailed uromastyx. Travel down under to Australia – home of pythons and goannas. Journey down south to the Amazon to discover boas and iguanas. Learn about the reptiles of North America including garter snakes found in our own backyard! Grab your passports and get ready for the Reptile World Tour!

Reptiles from A – Z (August #2)

Learn the ABC’s of Reptiles and Their Care!

Anacondas to Leatherback Sea Turtles, Mexican Black Kingsnakes to Zebratail Lizards the world of reptiles and amphibians is as diverse as the alphabet! Campers will meet an assortment of animals by letter and learn about their environments and lives in the wild as well as the ABC’s of their care. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!