Welcome to Calgary Reptile Parties!

Whether you are celebrating your child’s birthday, looking for an interesting educational program for your school or group, or just looking for a creative way to entertain, Reptile Parties is a fun, educational, and affordable form of entertainment!

Calgary Reptile Parties continues to recieve rave reviews from kids and adults alike! Find out for yourself why Calgary Reptile Parties was voted as the top for "Best Entertainment For A Children's Party" in 2011, with "Honorable Mention" in the 2010 and 2012 Parent's Choice awards, presented by Calgary's Child Magazine.

What We Do

Reptile Parties are structured to appeal to different age groups and size. Kids meet up close cold-blooded animals such as friendly bearded dragons, amazing frilled dragons, colorful geckos, incredible snakes of all sizes, and even tarantulas and scorpions! They may even come face-to-face with Faith, the 8-foot plus surinam red tailed boa constrictor!

Reptiles are scheduled based on availability and interest. Parties for children 7 and under focus more on basic reptile information while events for older children combine the unique opportunity to see reptiles up close with education, including proper care and husbandry as well as information about conservation.

Who We Are

Jason Clevett - Owner
Jason has turned his childhood passion for reptiles and amphibians into a career. As a child he would have to be dragged from the zoo reptile house, and would spend his summer learning about native frogs and salamanders. Early experiences with reptiles and amphibians drive him to share similar experiences with children today. Jason launched Reptile Parties in Calgary in 2008 and has since opened additional branches Edmonton Reptile Parties and Canadian Reptile Encounters. He has volunteered as an assistant gorilla keeper at the Calgary Zoo and traveled to different zoos, nature centers and aquariums to learn more from others in the field. He has toured Western Canada and appeared at multiple events as well as TV and Radio. Jason is a former executive member of The Alberta Reptile & Amphibian Society from 2007 – 2013 including President. Jason enjoys meeting kids and adults and sharing his passions. Tell a child about a snake you will keep their attention for a few minutes. Show them a snake and keep it for a lifetime!

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