Staff Bios

Jason Clevett - Owner
Since childhood Jason has had a love and passion for reptiles and amphibians. As a kid he would catch and release frogs and tiger salamanders. Early experiences with reptiles and amphibians drive him to share similar experiences with children today. Jason launched Reptile Parties in Calgary in 2008 and has since opened additional branches Edmonton Reptile Parties and Canadian Reptile Encounters. He has volunteered as an assistant gorilla keeper at the Calgary Zoo and traveled to different zoos, nature centers and aquariums to learn more from others in the field. He has toured Western Canada and appeared at multiple events as well as TV and Radio. He was a board member and executive member of The Alberta Reptile & Amphibian Society from 2007 – 2013 including President in 2010. Jason enjoys meeting kids and adults and sharing his passions. Tell a child about a snake you will keep their attention for a few minutes. Show them a snake and keep it for a lifetime!

Jennifer Green – Office Manager
Our amazing office manager is often the voice on the phone or the person behind the keyboard, managing bookings and keeping things on track. Jennifer is thrilled to be working behind the scenes while being a mom to her incredible daughter, volunteering at her daughter’s school, and spending time with her family.

Kenzi Watson – Reptile Presenter & Animal Care
Kenzi has been with Reptile Parties since 2015, working in both Calgary and Edmonton as well as with the touring Canadian Reptile Encounters. In addition to doing shows, she also helps care for the animals during

Lyra Logan - Reptile Presenter
Lyra was the first presenter hired in 2009. When she first started she only had two corn snakes but her collection is rapidly growing and now includes uromastyx, crested geckos, a plated lizard, a tortoise, a tegu, snakes, and a tarantula! She is a self professed nerd who loves video games, programming, science fiction and of course reptiles. When Lyra is not doing shows she is an artist and web developer including designing and updating the Reptile Parties websites.

Teresa Jacobs - Reptile Presenter
Teresa has long had an interest in reptiles but her home pets currently are all the fuzzy type. She is a mom to twin boys and works in the property management industry. She loves working with the various reptiles she does her shows with and someday hopes to have some of her own.

Brendan McDonald - Event Presenter
Brendan can often be found taking photos and pitching in at festivals and events. He enjoys being creative with photos and the opportunity to let people experience meeting a reptile up close and personal.

Animal Bios

Here are just a few of the animals that are available for Reptile Parties:

Simon, Spike, and Serenity – Meet one of our ball pythons! Ball pythons are found in Africa and are a popular pet due to their varied colours and patterns, manageable size and docile nature. Learn about the responsibility that comes with these long lived snakes.

Footless – Why is our dragon named Footless? Find out if he comes to your show! These lizards are incredibly popular as pets and are a great starter lizard for children. Learn about their care and why it is important to research before you bring home one of these engaging lizards.

Wesley – Hogg Island Boa's are a beautiful boa that doesn't get nearly as large as other boas making them popular among snake enthusiasts. Due to habitat loss and human actions, these boas are extinct on the Hogg Islands they are native too!

Rufus – Our tegu is one of our largest lizards. These large intelligent lizards are for experienced keepers only and you may learn why at your party!

Evita – Learn why rock iguanas are endangered and how they are different from the more well known green iguanas. Evita’s a prehistoric beauty that will leave a lasting impression.

Sookie & Tara – Our leopard geckos have been with reptile parties since we started and have been popular at parties and events. Named for their yellow and black spotted skin, find out why leopard geckos can be fantastic pets.

Steve Austin – Steve is a Leucistic Texas Rat Snake, giving it white skin and black eyes. Texas rat snakes are an important part of the environment as they eat pest rodents, and are also popular pets due to their calm nature and size.

Erebus and Charlotte - Don't be afraid... our rose hair tarantulas are calm and harmless! Meet one of our 6 species of tarantulas during the show. One of the best part of our shows is watching kids and adults alike conquere their fear and misunderstanding about tarantulas.

Rutiger - Found in Central America, ornate wood turtles are adorable turtle pets. Find out the differences between turtles and tortoises and why some of them are not good choices for pets!

Anya –Grey banded kingsnakes are named because of their alternating grey, black and orange bands. Find out where the “king” part of her name comes from and how their colours are used for defense.

Other animals include skinks, geckos, tortoises, frogs, salamanders and more. With more than 100 animals in the company each show is unique!