Add even more reptiles to your party with these reptile related toys! Our toy store features great reptile gifts for the birthday child, as well as fantastic ideas for loot bags or activities to add to the party.

Businesses & groups – add something special to your reptile presentation at your day camps, children’s parties or groups by sending them home with a reptile present.

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Goody Bags

Reptile Goody Bags

We offer goody bags!! Goody bags include one medium and one small rubber toy, rattlesnake eggs, an activity sheet, a gummy reptile candy, and two wrapped hard candies pre-packed in a goody bag for $5.25 per child. You can also add a larger toy or 4x6 photo to your goody bag, please ask about special goody bag pricing for additional items when included with a goody bag.

Wooden Toys

Wooden Snake Toys These wooden creatures move like real reptiles!

CRP 001 – 19" Wooden Snake - $3.00

So real it’s scary! Take home your very own snake! Hold it by the tail and watch it wiggle and slither just like a real one!

Growing Animals

Some of our most popular options! Put these toys in water and watch them grow huge!

Hatching Reptile eggs

CRP 003 – Hatchem - $3.00
Place your egg in a container of water and watch the eggshell break and your new pet slowly creep out of the shell. Creature will be fully grown after 48 hours. Choose from lizards, snakes, turtles and alligators. Please specify if you want assorted or specific eggs.

Hatching Reptile eggs

CRP 004 – Growing Cobra - $5.00
Place this 12" cobra in water and watch it increase in size. Fully grown it will be 60" long! Watch it shrink and regrow again!

CRP 005 – Grow Boa - $5.00
This colourful constrictor can grow up to 600% its original size!

Growing Chameleon

CRP 006 – Growing Chameleon - $5.00
These lizards start off at 12” long before they grow! Place them in water and watch as they grow to an amazing 36” in length!

Sand and Bean Bags

Beanbag Reptiles

These soft toys are great for all ages!

CRP 007 - Bean Bag Reptiles - $3.00
These lizards and turtles are the perfect goodie bag stuffer. Affordable, fun, and pretty darn cute.

Sand Reptiles

CRP 008 – Sand Reptiles - $4.50
These beautiful sand filled fabric snakes, frogs and lizards are durable and will be a long time reptile friend. Available in assorted only.

Squishy and Stretchy Pets

These unique toys have a fun texture and are great to play with and stretch and squeeze!

Squishy Turtle

CRP 010 – Squishy Turtles - $5.00
These turtles and tortoises come with a plastic shell and a soft, stretchy body. The ultimate toy for the turtle fan!

Squishy Frog

CRP 011 – Squishy Frogs - $5.00
These stretchy amphibians are sure to be a hit! (Photo 4591)

Squishy Lizard

CRP 012 – Squishy Geckos - $5.00
One of our most popular items! These colourful geckos stretch and squish.

Stretchy Rubber Snakes

CRP 013 – Stretchy Serpents - $4.50
These lifelike snakes feature lifelike patterns. Like having a real snake!

Other Toys

Some of our other popular items

Plush Snake

CRP 002 – Plush Snakes - $6.50
These brightly coloured plush snakes are sure to be a friend of your child or guests for a long time. Available in orange, green, or blue these non-scary plush serpents are a great gift.

Coiled Snakes

CRP 014 – Realistic Coiled Snakes - $4.00
These 6' rubber snakes uncoil to over three feet!

CRP 016 – Medium Assorted Rubber Reptiles - $1.00
Snakes, lizards and stretchy geckos – a great addition to your goody bags!

Plastic reptiles assorted

CRP 017 – Small Assorted Rubber Reptiles - $0.50
Colourful mini toys can include frogs, geckos and snakes (Based on availability.)

CRP 018 – Rattlesnake Eggs - $1.00
Wind up the toy inside and freak out friends and family! They're hatching inside!!! A fun gag gift.

To order toys please download this form and submit it, or phone in your request. Toys will be brought to your party and given to you prior to the start of the show. You will only be charged for the toys actually given out at the party, if kids are unable to attend you do not pay for their toys! You will be advised if any items are unavailable or out of stock. For best availability please request at least 2 weeks prior to your party. We will try our best to fulfill any requests we receive with shorter notice.

Please download and print the Order Form, then fill out your order from the selection below and submit it to us.